Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Burn Review

Yoga Burn (Her Yoga Secrets) is a unique yoga program that aims to assist women lose weight and burn fat while going through a life-changing process in reawakening their spirit, regaining their strength and achieving mental clarity necessary to break free from stress.

It is basically a digital product, a series of online videos, but you can also buy the physical products which are a set of CD or DVD collection of the videos.

The program is also often referred to as Her Yoga Secrets and it is designed by personal trainer and certified yoga instructor Zoe Bray-Cotton.

Yoga Burn System Overview

This series of yoga videos are said to be directed to women only. The videos are supposed to be watched one after another because each workout is a bit more challenging than the one it precedes. You’ll progress through the program in a speed that is suited to your comfort and capability.

At the very core, this yoga program focuses on burning your belly fat and reducing your weight.

It is divided into three phases with the first batch of workout videos allowing you to get into the world of yoga and familiarize the basics. You will then slowly progress continuously through the second phase until you reach the third batch where the videos are designed to allow you to further excel in life mentally, spiritually and physically. The final stages basically let you master the techniques.

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About the Author: Zoe Bray-Cotton

Certified yoga expert Zoe Bray-Cotton is a professional personal trainer who has helped women in transforming their lives and their bodies. She is known to assist people in making the most out of their yoga program, sharing tips about effective methods as well as preventing injuries.

She is also an expert in terms of providing tips on how to lower the levels of cortisol while doing yoga in order to reduce stress. All these are reasons enough to believe that Her Yoga Secrets or Yoga Burn is packed with no-nonsense workout routines and advice that will make yoga a highly effective workout for women.


What You Get / Product Features

When opting to purchase the program, you have 3 choices:

  • Completely Green Version – You get to download the complete workout online.
  • Digital Plus Physical – In addition to gaining instant access of Yoga Burn videos online, you also get to have the complete physical collection of the program (such as 3 DVDs or 12 CDs) offered at a limited time.
  • Digital Plus Physical x2 = It’s basically twice the download and physical collection set.

Whatever the package you choose, the entire program will provide you with a total of 12 videos that will run a total of around 7 hours. But your program won’t end in those short hours though. Because you will have to master one video before proceeding to the next, you could take several weeks or months depending on your adaptability to the yoga techniques.

The videos are divided into 3 groups, which are referred to as the three phases of transforming your body and life. Each phase has three workout videos and one introductory video. The workout videos run on an average of 45 to 55 minutes, but Phase 1 can be done for several weeks or a month especially when you’re new to yoga.

  • Yoga Burn Phase 1 – Foundational Flow

The first few set of workout videos will help you understand how you can specifically start to lift off the heavy weight on your shoulders and on your life through the basic, independent yoga poses.

As you go through the exercises in an effort to shed off some pounds, you will start to develop lean muscle and shape or define the existing ones. The poses help boost metabolism and puts even the most sluggish body ready for a positive life-changing yoga experience.

  • Yoga Burn Phase 2 – Transitional Flow

With the body ready for some action and your mental state seeking for higher purpose, the Transitional phase contains a series of yoga videos that helps target specific muscles through a set of continuous, smooth routine.

In essence, whatever the standalone yoga poses you learned in the first phase, you will be combining them together in one smooth flow. This phase also aims to release the cortisol, the hormones for stress relief, and that is why your resistance to stress will continue even after the workout.

Moreover, this stage can help you relax while losing weight, as you will be focusing on your breathing and clearing your mind like any other yoga activities.

  • Yoga Burn Phase 3 – Mastery Flow

As the name suggest, the Mastery phase will let you combine all the things you learned in the past two phases and bring your challenges to a higher level.

By now, the workout routine you experienced in the past will definitely be a no-sweater for you, and thus, it is necessary to upgrade your routine. Moreover, this phase will show you how you can enhance your metabolic rate in order to trim off fat even quicker.

It will also help you with toning your muscles faster than before. Aside from an improved physical health, the Mastery Flow videos will also help you enjoy an enhanced spirit and a more polished mind, all leading to living a life full of zest.

There are 2 bonuses also in this program. These are the Tranquility Flow Follow Along audio and the Tips and Tools video.



Aside from the many benefits that anyone can get by doing yoga, there are many reasons to specifically choose the Yoga Burn program.

  • The downloadable follow-through audio can be saved on your phone or any other portable gadget, allowing you to do your workout wherever and whenever you want to.
  • The program is designed by a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer, and thus, you can be sure that each workout is designed to truly achieve the goal of losing weight.
  • The program is made in such a way that lets you progress from basic to advance yoga techniques, and thus, there are no surprise challenges that could injure you.
  • The program obviously promote healthy living and a happy, relaxing lifestyle due to the nature of yoga, unlike the routines in the gym and commercial fitness centers where yoga is combined by disruptive, aerobic activities.


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Yoga Burn: Pros

  • Combines fat-burning exercises while not breaking away from the true relaxing nature of traditional yoga.
  • Easy-to-follow techniques and clear path to a slimmer, healthier and happier you. Thanks to the well-organized set of routines that lets you move from one video to another if you think you’re ready for a more challenging routine, you will be able to monitor and assess your progress also.
  • It’s not just a physical fitness program. Because it sticks to the relaxing yoga techniques, your road to a slimmer you is combined with the transformational journey to a happier spirit and a clearer mind, all leading to an excellent well-being.
  • You can have the program anywhere due to the downloadable content whether it’s the video or just the audio. Besides, it’s encouraged to take at least three videos a week to make the most of the program.


Yoga Burn: Cons

  • The program may bore those who are already yoga practitioners. Phase One deals basic phases that may be enjoyable for beginners but not for the experienced ones.
  • For many people who are into the program, serious results are not achieved until you reach Phase Three. In short, those who are in a hurry to get toned, lean muscles may feel disappointed or frustrated. Furthermore, Phase Two is said to contain actual yoga workout that can be hard for yoga amateurs especially if they hasten through Phase One. So don’t let frustration stop you from continuing the program.
  • The program requires at least 12 weeks of commitment from you in order to maximize the result and get the slim, toned body as promised. When you’re into the program, you’re expected to commit at least 3 videos a week.


Who Can Benefit from the Product

Not everyone can benefit the product, unfortunately.

First, the program is designed to target women, especially those who want to achieve toned muscles and lose weight. Second, because of the slow, progressive nature of the workout, it’s best for yoga beginners.



The workout routines are truly good investment when you want to lose weight through traditional yoga routines. Besides, this isn’t just a physical fitness program, but also one that helps you achieve an excellent over-all wellbeing including your spiritual, mental, psychological and emotional state. With a price of only $37 for the basic packages, it’s definitely worth it. Buy it today!

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